Accepted Papers

Regular Papers

Extension Removal in Abstract Argumentation: Necessary and Sufficient Conditions
Huan Zhang and Songmao Zhang.
Querying User Preferences in Automated Negotiation
Adel Magra, Tim Baarslag and Peter Spreij.
Modeling the Spread of Infectious Diseases in Multiagent Systems: Insights from Agent-Based Simulations
Gautam Patil.
Kingmaking in Press Diplomacy
Leif White, David King and Gilbert Peterson.
Learning to Communicate Using Action Probabilities for Multi-Agent Cooperation
Yidong Bai and Toshiharu Sugawara.
Suicidal Tendency and Depression Diagnosing Medical Agent using fNIRS and VFT
Joo Hun Yoo, Harim Jeong, Hong Jin Jeon and Tai Myoung Chung.
An Examination of Behavioral Strategies in Human Agents Utilizing Active and Passive Approaches
Norifumi Watanabe and Kensuke Miyamoto.
Simple sequential social dilemma game
Ryoichi Takatsuka, Koichi Moriyama, Tohgoroh Matsui, Atsuko Mutoh, Kosuke Shima and Nobuhiro Inuzuka.
Evaluating Automated Negotiations
Yasser Mohammad.

Short Papers

ABMs in game approach for physics learning
Chenkai Zhu, Wen Gu, Koichi Ota and Shinobu Hasegawa.
Virtual Agents in Internet-based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: Enhancing Engagement and Alleviating Depression
Harim Jeong, Joo Hun Yoo and Michelle Goh.
Gait Image Analysis based on Human Body Parts Model
Thanyamon Pattanapisont, Prarinya Siritanawan, Kazunori Kotani, Toshiaki Kondo and Jessada Karnjana.
Self-Disclosure in Digital Healthcare: Enhancing User Engagement
Michelle Goh, Harim Jeong and Joo Hun Yoo.
Estimating Public Electric Vehicle Charging Demand in Jakarta: An Agent-Based Approach
Farrel Nabil Sateriano and Meditya Wasesa.